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If you are in Business in Kent then this is a great resource for you. We’ve gathered a lot of key business information in one place to help you find what you need when you need it. The site is courtesy of www.marketingaction.co.uk a very experienced Marketing Agency that can help you with websites, online advertising, design, print and exhibitions wherever you are based.

kent business networking events

Business Networks

There are business networks all over Kent. Getting out to a Business Network is not scary and has a number of significant benefits for you and your business so don’t hesitate to try some out! WiRE is a business networking group for Women and has branches in a variety of counties including Kent. Kent Invicta…

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business marketing company

Business Marketing

Every business needs Marketing and these companies can help you plan and implement different parts of your Business Marketing. Marketing Action – Start with a plan and you may get to where you want to go. MarketingAction.co.uk offer a small business marketing service and will help you understand what your business should be looking at…

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business help and support

Businesses that can help you…

Successful businesses get help from all sorts of places when they need it. For example sitting down with a Marketing Expert at an early stage to discuss your businesses’ best strategy for profitable growth can make a huge difference to revenues even if you are not ready to start outsourcing the work. If you would…

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